About - Hyunah Jang

Hi, my name is Hyunah (pronounced He-un-ah).

My passion is to collaborate with thoughtful, creative professionals who appreciate the art behind photography and also share a mutual fondness of building long-lasting win-win partnerships.

On the Lifestyle side of my business, I love working with couples and growing families. I recently married my life partner, Bryan, and we look to start a family soon. As we experience our fairytale romance, I find myself more than ever falling in love with the human story. I feel an immense responsibility to capture the essence of my subjects as an imprint for generations to come.

When working with business professionals, I always tend to have a few ongoing projects and enjoy working on a variety of different projects with a diverse group of people.

As an entrepreneur myself, I love helping others grow their brands. I am fortunate enough to have opportunities working closely with many well-known hospitality businesses like the Hyatt and St. Regis hotels in Kauai, and Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay in the photography department as a Creative Director for weddings and corporate events. I am very honored to be the head photographer for Silicon Valley Real Producers Magazine and last year photographed more than 200 Real Estate Agents in the Bay Area.

Portraits, whether for business or personal events, is my way to express my passion for life in all its many dimensions and facets. As the great saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

To sum it up, I love working with people who are in alignment with honest, high-quality photography and want to build a relationship. If that's you, let's connect.

Yours truly,


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