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At Hyunah Jang Photography, we work closely with our business clients to understand their photography needs, brand and objectives. Whether it is employee headshots, product shots, a site location or business events we ensure that we understand the objectives of our clients and the image they want to portray. We align with those objectives to create high-resolution photos that capture the essence of our client’s brand, with reasonable agreed upon turnaround times. It’s the quality we can promise and make sure the photos will match your brand.

* All final images have Full Rights for usage in your business for the period of time we agreed upon.


Company leaders, Executives, Coaches, Realtors, Entrepreneurs and Creatives all benefit from a headshot for their business cards, speaking engagements, press releases and many other marketing benefits of highlighting the people behind the brand. We work with each person individually to capture the image they are going for, from outdoor environmental headshots to traditional headshots in front of a black, white or grey backdrop.

Retouching: We are pros at touching up our headshots. Headshots should look like you, and not someone else but we love to focus on making you look your best in the most natural way.


We work as a member of your team to capture your team at their best. Team photos serve as excellent marketing assets. A few different ways we capture teams can be in group working sessions and brainstorms. We can do posed, candid team shots, and a team photo with your products. Our goal is to make your team look the most presentable in a comfortable work environment with everyone enjoying each other and working together while at the same time promoting your product. Your talent is the heart of your business. We love to capture your employees in a way that resonates with your audience and gives the human touch that is an excellent addition to your overall brand.

2020 Four Package Deal -  Are you looking to stand out from your competition in 2020?

Are you looking to create photography that fits your brand and connects with your audience?

We are here to support you with four photography shots in a year.

This package is a great way to do four distinct creative photo assets throughout the entire year.


Whether you are highlighting your HQ for a PR shoot, leasing out space, a Real Estate Agent getting shots of a new home on the market or using a space as an event venue, we will capture high resolution photos. We strive to capture the essence of any space we shoot with shots that make you feel like you are in the room.


Launching a new product or creating new materials for your product launch? We are here to work with you on capturing your brand, and new product to your audience through photography. Depending on the product we can come in and set up a backdrop or we can do without a backdrop.


Whether it's a recruiting event, B2B event, entrepreneur meetup, or networking event, we have you covered. We work with many different types of bay area companies to capture their live events. Many photos become repurposed for future promotions and marketing materials. Event photography pricing can vary. We calculate the number of hours needed and how many photographers are required. We can add up to four photographers for each event. Photos are "take it and get it," meaning editing is very basic if at all required.

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