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Life is filled with magical once in a lifetime moments.

Lifestyle Photography is at the core of Hyunah Jang Photography, as we believe the moments captured today will last for generations to come. For over seven years, we have professionally captured life’s moments for various milestone events. We understand the unique complexities that are involved in every stage of these precious turning points. We take each photoshoot session one at a time, honoring the special occasion, the individual, the couple, and the families involved.

Engagement & Wedding

When two become one… Whether you have been waiting your whole life for this special day, or you have finally found someone that is worthy to spend your life with, we are here to photograph the most precious and intimate moments of your sacred union. From behind the scenes as the wedding party gets ready for the big moment, to walking down the aisle, to group photos to the big celebration at the end. When your big day moves at the speed of light, we are here to be your lens of choice, capturing cherished moments that live on beyond your wedding day.

1) Choose the Size of Your Photography Team. Decide whether you need one main photographer or a team for up to four photographers. This depends on the size and scope of your wedding. Things to take into consideration will be how many candids and detailed shots you want to document your special occasion. 

2) Digital Images Only / Albums & Prints together. You will also have a choice of getting digital images only or if you want us to create an album, and source prints we can put them on our package as well. We also have a great recommendation for video production for your wedding. Please ask us if you need these services.

3) Get a complimentary engagement session. When you book our service for your wedding day , the engagement session is included in the package and can be done with casual outfits or post-wedding portrait style, which means, you are wearing your wedding dress. We have the ability to customize engagement shoot to your unique style by adding props and other symbols that represent you as a couple.


Oh, baby!

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman growing precious life inside of her belly. We are here to honor and cherish our special mama-to-be and capture her life-giving beauty along with her parental companion by her side. Every woman’s experience is unique and we take good care to make our maternity memorable, as well as relaxing.

No Travel fee anywhere in the Bay Area!

Location: Let’s take advantage of living in the beautiful State of California. Many shoots are done outdoor around the Bay Area from San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, San Jose to Santa Cruz. If you prefer an indoor studio, we can plan this out as well.

30 mins session / 1 outfit  / 10 Final images with full retouching! ($500)

90 mins session / 3 outfits / All images / pick 25 images for retouching! ($850)

Retouching: Detail editing includes deep skin cleaning, body adjustment, and hair correction, etc. if needed.

Combo Packages: Maternity + Newborn Package ($1099.00)

With all the planning involved in bringing a new life into this world, we offer a maternity session & newborn session together in one package.

3 maternity dress rental  ($200)

Hair & Makeup  ($250)


To a new parent, the newborn phase can be a bit overwhelming, especially after giving birth. Precious newborns will never be as small or fragile as they are in their first weeks, and it's a unique time to capture this once in a lifetime phase, which can be used for birth announcements and to share with family who cannot be near. We take special care to work around nap schedules, and baby feedings to create a calm mood for both the new parents and the new little human(s).

2-3 hour session / 20 final images with full retouching! ($599)

Timing of Newborn Shots: We like to photograph newborns when they are only a few weeks old. 1-10 weeks is what we recommend. The daytime is flexible to capture the loving bond between baby and parents.

Location: We come to your house with props and set up the shoot. We spend a few hours with you, capture both posed and candid photos of little one / the family. Babies usually feel most comfortable at home, and also need to feed often, and we don’t like rushing since baby needs to feed often.


Family photography portraits capture a moment in time alongside those you care for most. They are treasured memories, placed on a wall or a mantle of a specific time and place. We photograph families of three to family reunions with four generations where there are more than 30-40 people in the photo. We can customize the location and timing. Let us know the oldest person in the family and the youngest person in the family, and If there are any members with disabilities. We enjoy making this fun and comfortable for all.

No Travel fee anywhere in the Bay Area!

(Family less than 5 people)

30 mins session / 1 outfit  / 10 Final images with full retouching! ($500)

90 mins session / 3 outfits / All images / pick 25 images for retouching! ($850)

* We offer holiday family mini session from Nov. 15th to Dec. 15th every year at a designated location in the bay area, 10 mins session with 3 Final photos at $199.00


The feminine energy overflows with creative energy and mystery. We love to empower women to open their hearts and allow the lens to capture the beauty that radiates within and is apart of their essence. We offer a safe space for tasteful and unique photographs for women at every stage of life. Your style customizes this session. We will look at inspiration images for your shot and talk about the location and props we will use to stylize your shot together.

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