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My name is Hyunah (pronounced He-un-ah). 


When I was little, I would ask my mom, who her favorite child was, amongst the three of us. Her response, "Bite each of your fingers and see which finger hurts the most." As I looked at her in confusion, she leaned over gently, smiled, and said, "It is an old saying, and it means every child is dear to a mother.


Children are like your fingers; they are a part of you. When you bite each finger, it hurts the same amount."My mom truly loved her children and nurtured each of us with the same amount of love. I have so many loving memories of growing up. Thanks to my parents' careful documentation and foresight, most of my precious childhood memories remain forever intact through photos and videos. 


Life is filled with magical once in a lifetime moments. In the footsteps of my mother, I find myself taking pictures of people and their special moments. I have photographed couples, children, and families in the many different places I have lived from Korea, Sedona, New York, Boston, and Kauai to where I live now, and call home, the San Francisco Bay. Yes, my heart remains ever-present in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I met Bryan, the love of my life and Husband.


We recently had our first baby boy and look forward to growing our family. I love working with couples and growing families. As Bryan and I experience our fairytale romance, I find myself, more than ever, falling in love with the human story. I feel an immense responsibility to capture the essence of my subjects as an imprint for future generations. I believe the moments captured today will last for generations to come.


This is my Story. What is Your Story?  

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Lifestyle Photography is at the core of Hyunah Jang Photography.
As we believe the moments captured today will last for generations to come.

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