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Why you need to have a maternity photo shoot?

Some reasons for you to say YES.

It will sound familiar to you when you become pregnant that the people around you will say phrases like: make the most of the time, enjoy your baby every second, life with children goes by very fast, time, time, time, time...

I particularly believe that time is closely linked to memories, and the latter to portraits. This is where photography comes in. The one that captures that moment forever, allowing to freeze the memories to show it to our loved ones for many, many years.

I want to share with you a piece of my story, the one that has made me fall in love with life and capturing magical moments, I open a very personal thread:

Since I was very little, I have had the immense joy of having very loving parents who were dedicated to raising my two siblings and myself. One day I asked my mother: who is your favorite child?, and she very wisely replied: "Bite each finger and see which finger hurts the most". I looked at her a little confused, and very softly she leaned towards me smiling and said: "It is an old saying that means that every mother loves a child very much. Children are like your fingers; they are part of you. When you bite any finger, they all hurt the same".

My mom raised us wrapped in love, she created beautiful memories for each of us, I lived a very happy childhood. And it is thanks to the careful documentation of my parents with photos and videos, that even today I can relive almost as if I were there, each of those unique and UNREPEATABLE moments.

That's what life is all about, you get to have experiences and magical moments that will happen only once, and that's why, following in my mother's footsteps, I have dedicated myself through my photographic lens to freeze the magical, intimate and wonderful moments of families.

I have been lucky enough to photograph pregnant women, their partners and then their children, in the different parts of the world where I have lived: Korea, New York, Boston, Kauai, and finally where I currently reside and which I call MY HOME: The San Francisco Bay Area.

And you may ask: why do I call San Francisco home? Because here my heart knew love, Bryan my partner, my best friend and my husband. Here I have built a magical stage in my life, and that magic transformed into a wonderful baby that gave us the recent title of parents.

I am passionate about working to capture the special moments of families, because I live it intensely with my own.

I believe that having the opportunity to portray love, pregnancy and family is both a huge responsibility and a privilege. And that's what it feels like to have a photo session forever, the privilege of reliving a unique and unrepeatable stage with the power to create life.

Therefore, the main reason for you to decide to hire a pregnancy or family photo session is that you value the fact of being able to show that moment to future generations. It is to have a treasure of life in physical form, frozen forever, so that this time, this moment, will live on...

Feel free future mom, to show yourself in a vulnerable and enigmatic stage, being the power to create life.

As I continue to build memories and grow my own family, I will continue to be head over heels in love in my work watching other families form theirs...

I look forward to having the opportunity to be a part of your magic,

Until a future installment,

A mom photographer.


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