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Top 5 locations to take maternity photos in San Francisco Bay Area

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

There are endless beautiful and breathtaking locations you could go and take photos in San Francisco Bay Area, but these are our hand picked top 5 locations are specifically for Maternity Photo Session so we can get the most out of one spot with a variety of different backdrops all in one location, and doesn’t require too much walking for you, mama.

Since you will be able to change into many different outfits during the ‘Styled Maternity Session’, we don’t want all our photos to be the same backdrop and multiple backdrops are a perfect pairing. Each site has 4-5 different backdrops that make your photos look like they were taken at 4-5 completely different places and that is exactly what where we want to go take maternity photos.

1. SAN FRANCISCO - The Palace of Fine Arts & Golden Gate Bridge View Beach

Maternity Photoshoot in Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

The Palace of Fine Arts and The Golden Gate Bridge View Beach is a location for couples who are big fans of iconic San Francisco. This location screams, "I left my heart in San Francisco" and adds so much meaning to your love story. This location is my favorite spot for sunsets featuring the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge.

The Game Plan:

We will start at the Palace of Fine Arts. The most prominent feature at this location is the open rotunda, which has gorgeous colonnades on either side and is enclosed by a lagoon on one side. Then we walk 3 mins towards the beachside, and on the way there, there is a big park with a tree tunnel with a green grass area. This area is a beautiful spot for nature photos.

Towards sunset, we walk another 2 mins to the white sand beach with a view of the whole Golden Gate Bridge. On the side, there are some rock areas to rest and sit on. It is a picture-perfect way to end the shoot sunset at the beach. What can be better than this backdrop for a couple with many memories in San Francisco? It only serves to root your love more profoundly into the Golden City of Love. Pets are welcome.

2. SAN FRANCISCO - The Japanese Tea Garden & Shakespeare Garden

Our photoshoot location lies in the heart of San Francisco in the center of The Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate park is a famous location of the historic 1967 Summer of Love and makes your heart sing, "San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair).”

The Game Plan:

We will start our photo session at Japanese Tea Garden or Shakespeare Garden. Japanese Tea Garden is a style is where stones and gravel represent waterfalls, oceans, and mountains. And Shakespeare Garden is filled with flowers and plants typically found in the works of William Shakespeare and a popular place to hold an outdoor wedding as the romantic scene of calming green and colorful displays of nature intensify the warm surroundings.

Next we will walk towards to Strawberry Hill, an amazing explosion of every shade of green imaginable. This Golden Gate Park attraction is a gift from nature in the form of an island that is situated in the middle of Stow Lake. There are a lot of diverse excellent shots In this location such as the waterfall, pavilion and we will be able to add props like bicycles or cars if desired.

3. San Francisco - Fort Funston, All about nature.

The area is covered with a network of trails suitable for hiking or horseback riding. There are the largest remaining sand dunes are in Fort Funston, on the southwest coast of the city. The park, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is a spectacular sight with rolling wild dunes, patches of warm scrubby vegetation, and steep cliffs that fall to the Pacific Coast.

Game Plan:

We will start with the trails with ocean backdrops. Next we will move to the cliff side. There is a wooden deck we can walk on to capture few images with non-ocean backdrops as well which gives such varieties to our session. Remember, our goal is to have all different look with each dresses we have. Then at the end, we can capture the most amazing sunset. Pets are very welcomed.

4. HALF MOON BAY - White Sand beach, Mountain, cliff view

If you love all things nature, this is the location you want. It is a long sandy beach below bluffs and dunes and you can include the view of cliff and mountains. These photos are large scale and show the exquisite California coast.

Game Plan:

The coastal cliff in Half Moon bay is tantalizing and exotic. There are forest areas that don’t show the ocean and are magical and enchanting. Sunset on the beach is ever so romantic.

If you have more than 2 children in your photo session, we don’t recommend this location for safety reasons due to the cliff. Pets are allowed.

5. Santa Cruz Natural Bridges Beach Park

Santa Cruz Naturals Bridge Beach Park is an absolutely beautiful location for a maternity shoot. Sometimes you may even get a few surfers riding the waves in the backdrop.

Before we get to the beach, we will walk along the coast line for a couple minutes to capture exotic cliff scenery.

In April, the wild flowers everywhere. These are perfect to represent fertility and vitality.

When we get to the beach, there is a mysterious looking pond area where that looks very private.

Then we will walk towards an open white sand beach that opens up the whole view of natural bridge rock and waves. Sunset is marvelous and heavenly at this location. Pets are not allowed.


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