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What a Typical Maternity Photoshoot is Like in the Bay Area

Updated: Mar 27

Styled Maternity Session with Lu & David

A Styled maternity photoshoot is really a magical experience, and it is such a joy to create memorable moments for my clients! One of my most recent photoshoots was with Lu and David. It was their first pregnancy, and they were expecting a baby boy. Lu reached out and was referred by Kim, a friend of hers who we previously photographed her maternity.

We decided to do the photoshoot at ‘Fort Funston’ in San Francisco. My assistant and I arrived at three o’clock on Saturday to start a 3:30pm session. This was three hours before the sunset for our three hour photoshoot session. So we could meet the sunset at the end of the session, and as you can expect, the weather was a little bit cold! San Francisco in January is as beautiful as it always is, but with that added chill to the air.

My makeup and hair artist, Chau, did an exceptional job. She did the hair and makeup the day of the photoshoot at Lu’s House. Her style really brought out Lu’s beauty under the sun and in their outdoor areas. Chau is truly an artist and really can contour to bring out my clients’ beauty!

My stylist, Mabel, also was on location that day. As always, clients talk with Mabel a few weeks before the shoot to settle what dresses will be worn and what seems to be the best idea for the photoshoot. Lu and Mabel picked out three dresses: a stunning emerald green gown, a flowy and long rose pink ensemble, and a bright red dress with a beautiful lace top to match her hat.

Mabel is one of the best people to have on-site during shoots and helps with costume changes. She arrived around the same time as Lu and David. With her on set, every costume change is quick and efficient. It helps make transitions quick and without traveling back and forth to the bathroom to change every time!

Some photo shoots have surprises, and today was no exception! Lu and David managed to get their Tesla stuck in the sand. Luckily, we all pitched in, and it was a team effort to dislodge the car from the sand. My assistant was a superhero and kept the car safe while finding help to take care of it while we started shooting. My assistant is a lifesaver!

We were a little worried about the photoshoot because the day before, it had been raining. That day, there was a 50% chance of rain. We waited until the morning before the photoshoot to see if we would have to cancel and reschedule, which sometimes happens. It is inevitable, especially when you are shooting out and about in the outdoors.

Luckily, the weather was one of the most stunning scenes I have seen in a long time. It indeed was the best weather we could have asked for. It was beautiful and with just enough clouds in the sky to mask some of the sunshine and create a gorgeous glow for the photos. It depends on the day, but sometimes the best weather is a bit cloudy. When it is too sunny, this can make for exciting effects for my photos and create for the clients.

This location is truly one of my favorites because it is one of the few areas in the San Francisco area that allows dogs to be unleashed. People are so friendly, and many of the dogs are so well-mannered. There’s also very little debris and trash, making it still fun and clean space for everyone to enjoy despite being a dog park!

Another reason this location is a lot of fun is because of the vast parking lot and the free space. It is not common to run into too many people or fight for parking with such ample space. That means no more driving around for half an hour trying to park. You can just come to the park, sit back, relax, and enjoy the breeze. The lack of people also makes it perfect for taking stunning photos without editing out the people that often creep up behind and photobomb sometimes.

For the adventurer, it is a hang gliding location too! It is fun to see the activity in the sky, and sometimes these hang gliders end up photobombing my shots. It’s humorous but also makes for a really great story behind these photos! I have had some clients who end up with these photos and really enjoy the final product after the photoshoot.

The beach can be a little more challenging to get to, especially if you are pregnant, but the beach is lovely. It takes some time to traverse the path down, but the sandy shores and the waves are calming and genuinely perfect. The sunset is right there. It makes for some tremendous golden hour sessions for clients who are up for the trek down!

Clients also love this location because of the numerous choices for backdrops. There are so many to choose from, including wooden decks, cliffs, green spaces, beaches, and more. It is an excellent location for those who want to wear different dresses and really take advantage of the scenery during their maternity photoshoot.

In a matter of a few hours, our photo shoot was done, and Lu and David headed home. My team also parted ways, and we ended another successful day on the job! Part of what makes this job, so fun is the fact that every day is different. You never know what to expect, especially with so many added surprises like potential storms!

We are a photographer, makeup and hair artist, and dress stylist team specializing in outdoor maternity photoshoots. We travel to beautiful locations all around the Bay Area and have completed more than 200 maternity shoots to date with dozens of clients. For more information and to schedule your maternity photo shoot, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create memories that will last a lifetime!

Maternity Photography Team
Maternity Photo Session

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